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Easy Products Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of quality disinfectants, polishes, detergents and bleaches as well as a wide range of other cleaning products. For more detailed information on our products, please choose from one of the links below. 

A full list of all our products is listed below.

Automotive Cleaning and Degreasing
Disinfectants and Deodorants
Hand Cleaners

Disinfectants and Deodorants
Detergents and Cleaners
EASY Pine Disinfectant
EASY Wet and Leave - Moss and Mould Remover
EASY Sterol Disinfectant EASY Liquid Suds
EASY Orange Fresh EASY Lemon Suds
EASY Bouquet Disinfectant 
EASY Sparkle Detergent
EASY Bouquet Aerosols EASY Supa Nova (Automatic)
EASY Mask Disinfectant EASY 'C' Window Clean
EASY Eucalyptus Disinfectant
EASY Creme Hair Shampoo
EASY Sprayfleur Deodorant
EASY Sodium Hypochlorite
EASY Sprayfleur Aerosols EASY Softy Liquid Laundry Detergent
EASY Lavender Disinfectant EASY Orange Crush Sanitiser
EASY Desandeo Detergent Sanitiser Furniture Polish
EASY Tuiti Fruiti Disinfectant EASY Veneer (Red)
EASY Blossom Disinfectant
EASY Revive Oil & Aerosols
EASY Blue Mist Deodorant
Automotive Products
EASY Spray & Wipe EASY Bituminous Paint, Black
EASY Bleach
EASY Black Tyre Paint (Matt)
EASY Para Toilet Blocks
EASY Shield Silicone Protector
Floor Maintenance (Cleaners & Polishes) EASY Protex SIlicone Reviver
EASY Metallic Polish
EASY Engine Degreaser
EASY Floor Wax - Clear
EASY Conquest
EASY Hi Kote Polish
EASY Fleet Wash - foam
EASY Command Sanitiser
EASY Wax & Tar Remover
EASY Flash (Ammoniated) EASY Autowash Powder
EASY Orange Crush
Stockinette Rolls
EASY Wax Remover (Spirit Base) EASY Crystaline Window Clean
EASY Carpet Shampoo
Mag Wheel Clean
EASY EUC Cleaner All Purpose Cleaner
EASY Swift Cleaner
Car Polish
Hand Cleaners
Razor Blades
EASY Jalclean (Jelly or Liquid)
EASY Soft Cream Hand Cleaner
Cleaning Rags
EASY Go Grit Hand Cleaner EASY Tyre Lubricant (Also Heavy Duty & Solid)
EASY Pearl Lotion Soap Powders & Paste Cleaners
EASY Antiseptic Hand Paste
EASY Bath and Porcelain Cleaner
Insecticides EASY Concrete Cleaner (Powder)
EASY Paradine Moth Crystals
EASY Detergent Powder (Laundry)
EASY Apple Fly Spray Aerosols
EASY Met Powder
Auto Fly Spray Dispensers EASY Dishmachine Powder
Hygenex Bathroom Systems EASY Gleam Foaming Cleanser (powder)
Toilet Paper and  Toilet Paper Dispensers
EASY Ballroom Powder
Paper Towels and Paper Towel Dispensers
Liquid Soap Dispensers
Brooms, Mops, Buckets, Floor Squeegees
Tablet Soaps Polishing Pads
Odour Control Systems Tea, Coffee
Safe Seat Dispensers Cold Water Surf & Drive Washing Powder
Auto Janitor Dispensers Soda Crystals, Blue Wash Laundry Powder
  Vacuum Cleaners, Water Blasters, Watering Can
  Rubber Gloves, Latex & Vinyl Gloves
  Rubbish Bags - Paper and Plastic
  Scouring Pads, Brushes and Scrubs
  Wet Floor Signs
  Chux Cloths, XLO Cloths
Easy Products Ltd are authorised distributors of: